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The 3 Drivers of US Consumers Hit a Wall

The American consumer is giving up. Tapped. Out of cash. So says Bloomberg in a recent article called “Key engines of US consumer are losing steam all at once...”

"Adam Schiff Justice": A Criminal Justice Reform Discussion at CPAC 2024

Brett Tolman and Pam Bondi joined their expertise as attorneys with Savannah Chrisley and K.T. McFarland's firsthand experiences as victims of the politicized justice system on a panel at CPAC in DC 2024 that exposed the corruption of the justice system and the solutions that will bring reform.

The Problem

The panel identified the problem lying in cases like Chrisley's parents' and McFarland's cases where falsified records, unverified claims, and fear tactics are used by politically-motivated agents, judges, and attorneys to wrongly incriminate a person or force concession to a plea deal. In McFarland's case, she was dogged, pressured, and financially drained by the Mueller investigation with the ultimate goal of blackmailing her into a false admission that could be used to incriminate President Donald Trump. She described herself as simply "collateral damage" in the Mueller investigation but nonetheless terrorized by an abuse of the justice system in pursuit of jailing President Trump.

Chrisley witnessed the heartbreaking use of similar fear tactics against her parents who were charged with tax evasion and bank fraud and are now serving time in prison. Chrisley saw her mother targeted with her own, separate investigation because of her father's refusal to accept a plea deal. She saw the FBI openly admit that they failed to authenticate evidence they brought forward against her parents. She heard the prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia announce her political loyalties, declaring the Chrisleys, "the Trumps of the South" at the start of the trial before an Obama-appointed judge.

McFarland poignantly summarized the problem, "They're flipping it around to do what Stalin's henchman did where 'Show me the man; I'll find you the crime.'"

The Solution

Such a deep-seated and dangerous problem requires a multi-pronged solution, but the first step is to re-elect a president with a respect for the integrity of the justice system.

Bondi stated it plainly, "Well, first put Donald Trump back in office, and he's going to clean up DOJ. He's going to clean up the FBI."

The next step, as Tolman urged, is to stay educated. The American people need to stay informed on the weaponization of the justice system and understand how the justice system is really supposed to operate. From there, Bondi urged Americans to take action by carefully electing their local justice officials, like District Attorneys, solicitors, and state Attorneys General, who influence the enactment of the justice system on the local levels, as seen prominently in Fani Willis' case against President Trump.

Hear the panel's full take on the weaponization of the justice system on Rumble @CPAC.

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04 mars

Conservatives have perverted the Justice System.

It is all hard partisanship for them.


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