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Biden: I Would Drop Out if 'Medical Condition' Emerged

President Joe Biden says he would drop out of the presidential race should a "medical condition" emerge...

America UnCanceled: Mercedes Schlapp & Jeffrey Berk

Founder of Truth Tells Jeffrey Berk exposes those Democrat officials who are leading the antisemitic movement in their party and discusses its impact on the younger generations on this episode of America Uncanceled with Mercedes Schlapp. 

Representative Ilhan Omar and ‘The Squad’, backed by Chuck Shumer, Steve Cohen, and other Democrat leaders, have led the rise of antisemitism in the Democrat Party. After decades of Leftists in academia, younger generations are increasingly in agreement with their bigotry and are adopting antisemitism as demonstrated in the recent violent pro-Hamas protests on college campuses.  

So how can we reverse the damage and teach up and coming generations the horrors of antisemitism and its connection to communism and socialism? Berk suggests that the elimination of DEI from education institutions is a start.  

“I think what you’re seeing as an optimistic trend is corporations and universities are pulling DEI funding back into policing and safety and stuff like that, and I hope that trend continues in the classroom, that these resources of transgender strippers and all this zaniness in middle school and high school is substituted with more attention to civics and history because this is really what is going to lead these children to have healthier relationships with people of other religions and other ethnicities and other perspectives,” Berk said.  

Berk through Truth Tells is working to combat antisemitism with a scorecard that rates every sitting Jewish member of Congress for their efforts, or lack thereof, to fight antisemitism.  

For more, follow @CPAC on social media. You can also follow Matt Schlapp @MSchlapp or Mercedes Schlapp @MercedesSchlapp to keep up with current events. 


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