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Biden: I Would Drop Out if 'Medical Condition' Emerged

President Joe Biden says he would drop out of the presidential race should a "medical condition" emerge...

America UnCanceled: NextGen Marxism with Matt Schlapp, Katie Gorka, and Mike Gonzalez

Violent pro-Hamas protests by woke college students were taking American campuses by storm. Katie Gorka and Mike Gonzalez discuss next generation Marxism on this episode of America Uncanceled with Matt Schlapp. 

“We’ve got a very serious problem on our hands,” commented Gorka. “What we are seeing today has been in the works for a hundred years.” 

The indoctrination of America with Marxist ideology has been a long and deliberate process by the Left though it seems quite sudden. This process is all just coming to light and the forefront of American culture. Gorka and Gonzalez liken it to the Bolshevik Revolution which sowed the seeds of Marxism in Russia.  

It's on the cusp of having the same disastrous results in America, upending our society and erasing our legacy institutions.  

“That’s what people need to understand here that what the radical Left and actually now that’s more and more synonymous with the Democrats, what they want here is not to make things better. They want to tear down. They want to utterly destroy what we have built in America over the last four hundred years, and they want to replace with their Marxist utopia,” said Gorka.  

“Marx and Engels never made a distinction between [Communism and Marxism]. They used them interchangeably in the Manifesto and other writings. Communism was the end goal,” explained Gonzalez.  

Gorka and Gonzalez elaborate on the presence of Marxism in America and its influence on American youth in their book, “NextGen Marxism: What It Is and How to Combat It.” 

For more, follow @CPAC on social media. You can also follow Matt Schlapp @MSchlapp or Mercedes Schlapp @MercedesSchlapp to keep up with current events. 


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