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The US pier in Gaza is facing its latest challenge — whether the UN will keep delivering the aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S.-built pier to bring food to Gaza is facing one of its most serious challenges yet — its humanitarian partner is deciding if it’s safe to keep delivering supplies arriving by sea to starving Palestinians...

America UnCanceled Special Edition: Lawfare in Brazil with @mschlapp and Federal Deputy, @Biakicis

Brazilian Congresswoman Bia Kicis shares the struggles her and other conservatives are facing in Brazil with Matt Schlapp on this special episode of America Uncanceled.

Conservatives like Kicis no longer have free speech, despite the Brazilian constitution guaranteeing it. Conservatives in Brazil are being thrown in jail for as much as criticizing the Supreme Court or the Lula Da Silva regime.

“They are afraid of the truth,” Kicis says of the Left’s hatred of free speech. “The people of Brazil are mostly conservative. They are Christian, and [the Left doesn’t] want the truth to come out because the truth…is not beautiful. The truth is they want to take away our freedom.”

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. The people of Brazil have proven their ability to unite and gather in great numbers in support of freedom and conservative values. The victory of Javier Milei in Argentina gives the Brazilian people hope that a conservative revival is still possible. Kicis believes that if conservatives can just unite and organize, they can defeat the Left.

“While there’s life, there is battle and there is hope,” she said. “We have to win the battle.”

For more, visit or follow @CPAC on social media. You can also follow Matt Schlapp @MSchlapp or Mercedes Schlapp @MercedesSchlapp to keep up with current events.



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The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars

Watch this award winning documentary by CPAC. The woke wars are coming to a neighborhood near you. From major corporations to school boards to social media, free expression is under attack.

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