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Biden’s Push For Ukraine To Join NATO Is More About Dollars Than ‘Democracy’

The Biden administration recently signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement with Ukraine, plunging the United States and the West deeper into a proxy war with Russia...

Biden Admin Using ESG to Make China Great Again?

The CPAC Foundation's Center for Regulatory Freedom is keeping a watchful eye on how the Biden Administration is implementing their extremist ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) agenda through what is called the "administrative" or "regulatory" process. ESG is a leftist buzzword that covers the implementation of an anti-captialist, anti-free market, anti-liberty environmental or social justice agenda--and the Biden Administration hit the "warp speed" button in working to remake American society in the Chinese image (without the reliance on cheap and reliable energy as China has, of course).

Two things we're watching at CRF are the imposition of an electric vehicle mandate (which would require that more than half of all new vehicles sold in America be electric by 2032), as well as unrealistic fuel economy standards (that would serve to reinforce this mandate). The second is a story out of the Department of Defense, where it was discovered that the Biden Administration had worked to implement their ESG agenda by installing so-called "green" technologies on military bases.

When it comes to EVs, China is working to corner the market globally. They subsidize EV production heavily, rely on slave labor to manufacture the EVs and extract the rare minerals needed to "make them go", and then sell them at a massively reduced rate. So an EV mandate puts China well-ahead of companies that make and sell cars here in the US.

At the same time, it's become clear that the DOD was relying on Chinese technology to implement their ESG agenda--until people started demanding answers.

It's bad enough that the Biden Administration is harming American working families through policies that drive up the cost of driving (or having goods transported), but to do so in a way that benefits China (especially when it comes to our national security)? That's totally unacceptable.

Stay tuned to what we're doing at the Center for Regulatory Freedom to combat these issues, and to get involved with out efforts!


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