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Secret Service Says Trump ‘Is Safe’ After Apparent Gunshot Injury at Rally

The former president grabbed his right ear before Secret Service agents...

Brandon Straka- CPAC in DC 2024

The Left has harnessed the media and pop culture to promote their agenda and impose a victim mentality on minority groups through identity politics. Brandon Straka once belonged to the group sucked in by the Left’s agenda. In 2018, however, he arrived at the truth and walked away from the Left’s identity politics.  

Straka then founded the #WalkAway movement to encourage others to also walk away. 

The movement took off and went viral on social media with growing numbers of individuals sharing their walk away stories. Straka soon learned, however, what happens when you leave the Left, and the mainstream media attacked his #WalkAway movement, accusing him and his team of collusion with Russian bots. At gatherings, his team was barraged by Antifa rioters, and ultimately, he was arrested under false accusations of instigating violence on January 6, 2021.  

“I never entered the capitol on January 6. I never engaged in any violence, vandalism, theft, or destruction nor did I witness any. In fact, nothing i witnessed could be described as a riot by any honest person, and I certainly did not engage in any rioting. But two and a half weeks later, a team of FBI agents in tactical gear stormed by apartment at dawn and got me out of bed, put me in handcuffs, and took me to jail,” explained Straka. “The government charged me with multiple felonies, and I was threatened with the now infamous 1512 obstruction of an official proceeding felony, the unconstitutional and unethical twenty-year felony charge being used to torment J-6ers into taking plea deals and put them in prison for years.” 

The criminal charging of Straka still wasn’t enough for the Left. From widespread censorship to being placed on the terror watch list, the Left has employed every means at their disposal to make his life difficult and steal his freedom.  

Hear Straka’s full testimony from CPAC in DC 2024 on Rumble @CPAC, and visit to make plans to hear more great speeches live at CPAC in DC 2025. 


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