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WHO: Gaza Death Toll Rises, Urgent Call for Humanitarian Aid

WHO Issues Urgent Appeal as Gaza Death Toll Soars, Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

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CPAC International Summit Against Human Trafficking Took Steps Toward Ending Modern-Day Slavery

CPAC Foundation’s Center for Combating Human Trafficking was presented to the world at the movie premier for The Sound of Freedom last summer, and the center wasted no time taking action.  

In July, the Center for Combating Human Trafficking hosted the International Summit Against Human Trafficking. World leaders, activists, and survivors met on Capitol Hill to trade ideas for ending human trafficking and share their personal experiences with this tragedy.  

Former Mexico Congresswoman and activist with Kaleido Rosi Orozco along with West Virginia Congresswoman Carol Miller were among just a couple of the world leaders that met to discuss the horrific reality of human trafficking and work to put an end to it. The comments of Orozco, Miller, and others brought to light the torture that victims experience and the international nature of trafficking.  

Victims face unimaginable and continuous pain and degradation in this form of modern-day slavery, and their abuse is perpetuated by coordinated efforts from criminal rings around the globe. In response, human trafficking requires a joint effort from international world leaders to work together to put a stop to modern-day slavery.  


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