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Secret Service Says Trump ‘Is Safe’ After Apparent Gunshot Injury at Rally

The former president grabbed his right ear before Secret Service agents...

CPAC Now: America UnCanceled with Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly was the first to break the news that the FBI was authorized to use deadly force in the raid on President Donald Trump’s private residence, Mar-a-Lago. She breaks down the raid and the orchestrated witch hunts against the former president on America Uncanceled with Mercedes Schlapp.  

The Mar-a-Lago raid was botched and unconventional in many ways. First, the raid was made on questionable grounds. There are doubts that the classified documents the FBI was supposedly after are even still considered classified. On top of that, the FBI was granted the use of deadly force in this raid, an unnecessary escalation and a conflict with Secret Service’s duty to protect the former president. 

“This could have represented really a dangerous situation not just for Donald Trump or Melania Trump or Barron Trump is they would have arrived at Mar-a-Lago during this nine hour raid, which was very conceivable, but a blue on blue situation as Dan Bongino has said between U.S. Secret Service who are obligated to protect people under their protection and FBI agents who were executing this unnecessary armed raid,” said Kelly.

The FBI agents sent to the scene were not even carrying badges or dressed in identifying attire.  

Now the affair is in the discovery process of court proceedings, in which, more evidence of illegal behavior is coming out against the Biden administration and DOJ than against President Trump.  

“This is basically, as I said, a three-day trial against DOJ and Jack Smith and the Biden White House,” anticipated Kelly.  

Hear her full take on this episode on CPAC+, and for more, follow @CPAC on social media. You can also follow Matt Schlapp @MSchlapp or Mercedes Schlapp @MercedesSchlapp to keep up with current events. 


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