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Democrats Reignite Calls for Biden to Drop Out

Following a brief reprieve as the nation focused on the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, congressional Democrats have revived calls for President Joe Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential race, Axios reported...

Fake News Media Flops as Americans Search for Freedom and Truth in Trusted News Sources

It’s obvious that Americans have lost in trust in the news media.  

A Pew Research Center study released in April of this year revealed that the majority of Republicans firmly believe mainstream media reporting is heavily influenced by outside forces and that freedom of the press has disintegrated. The major downsizing and dire financial straits of many well-known outlets, such as the Los Angeles Times and CNN, indicates that traditional news outlets and legacy media establishments may be paying for their lazy reporting.  

The American people want straightforward and reliable news reporting, which they’re not getting from legacy outlets. They simply want a journalist to do their job and report the facts, not spew political propaganda. The American people deserve to know the truth. They deserve to know what’s going on in their country and be allowed to form their own opinions.  

Legacy media has long treated the average American reader with a superiority complex that views the average American as a child, too dumb to think for himself and needing someone far more intellectually advanced to interpret current events for them. Radical Left-wing activists under the guise of reporters believed themselves to be that person, qualified to teach the public the real ways of the world through a Marxist lens. 

Today, they are suffering from their own stupidity as Americans are seeing them for who they are, leaving them in the dust, and chasing the freedom and truth the American people have sought all along in alternative outlets and newer forms of media. 

America was not founded to be a nation of brainwashed robots. That would be contrary to freedom. The Founding Fathers added provisions for free speech and freedom of the press for that very reason.  

Americans see this, and they’re tired of fake news. They want to know what’s really going on in their schools, in their government, at the border, what their tax money is funding, and what their politicians are doing. They’re tired of having their viewpoints silenced and mocked by mainstream media.  

As the old empires of legacy media outlets crumble, let’s replace them with the trustworthy news sources the American people want.  


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