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Secret Service Director: We Didn’t Put Snipers On The Roof Because It Was Kind Of Sloped

The Secret Service director said the security agency did not station snipers on top of the Pennsylvania roof from which a gunman shot former President Donald Trump last weekend because it was “sloped...”

It's Not About Us with Elaine Beck: ft. Gordon Chang

China is taking advantage of the open southern border. They are sending across trained soldiers pretending to be migrants to infiltrate the United States from within. CPAC board member and author of “The Coming Collapse of China” Gordon Chang discusses this and all the threats from China on It’s Not About Us with Elaine Beck.  

Not only are they sending spies across our unsecured border, they are also working in a secret biological weapons facility in California to breed genetically-engineered disease-spreading rodents and cripple America with another pandemic.  

“China is building, in the United States, the infrastructure to attack us,” said Chang. “We’ve got to be concerned that you got the soldiers coming across our border, they’re going to pick up the mice and spread disease around the U.S.” 

The unsecured border leaves the possibility open for China to even bring over the parts of a nuclear weapon and attack the United States before the November 2024 election. Chang suggests Americans prepare and bring change to America first by praying and turning back to God.  

“We always need to pray. We always need to talk to God,” commented Chang. “What we have right now, is we have the forces of hell have let loose, and we have to drive them back to hell, and we do that by fighting but we also do that by praying, by speaking to God, and becoming a moral nation, and become a nation of faith. We have lost all of that.”  

For more visit, or find Elaine Beck on social media @ElaineEBeck. 


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