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NBC Poll: Most Dems Unhappy With Biden as Nominee

Only one-third of registered Democrat voters are satisfied with Joe Biden as the party's presidential nominee, a poll released Sunday showed...

Matt Schlapp at CPAC Hungary 2024

America has long been viewed as the leader of the free world. Our Judeo-Christian founding principles have guided us to exceptional prosperity and freedom.  

In recent years, we’ve lost touch with our roots and distanced ourselves from God. We became too comfortable with the status quo and let our guards down. The Left took advantage, and while the country sat passively, they aggressively advanced their agenda. 

But Matt Schlapp had a message for the Left at CPAC Hungary 2024: 

“What happened in America is millions of wonderful people in the last twenty-five years fell asleep. They fell into a stupor. They didn’t realize how aggressive the Left would be. But the Left was so aggressive that we’ve been woken up. We’ve been woken up from our slumber, from our coma, from out stupor, and you should know that as fear has gripped America, the virtue of hope is now overtaking fear.” 

The message also spoke to the worldwide conservative movement that has been missing America as its leader. Places like Hungary have risen to the occasion and inspired America to wake up. Now, America is ready to rejoin the fight for liberty, lead the free world with new energy and vigor, and strengthen our friendships with our allies. 

Watch Schlapp’s full remarks here.  


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