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After Decades Of Geriatric Leaders, J.D. Vance Offers Hope For Millennials

At 39 years old, he reflects much of what is best about his generation and understands much of what is wrong...

The A Team/Freedom (Caucus) Fighters: Ed Henry, Rep. Scott Perry, Rep. Russ Fulcher - CPAC in DC 2024

Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher, Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry, and Newsmax anchor Ed Henry weigh in on the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. 

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives is still a minority among the Democrat-run Senate and Executive Branch, but they are doing what they can to frustrate the Democrats’ plans and advance productive conservative legislation.  

At the forefront of House Republicans’ agenda is cutting the budget by cutting frivolous programs and spending. The Freedom Caucus in particular is looking to trim wasteful military spending, limit monetary aid to Ukraine, cut funds for DEI and ESG initiatives, and block funding for open border policies and illegal immigrant welfare.  

Conservative representatives’ goal in seeking to cut these is to block the Left’s attempts to fundamentally change the social fabric of our nation with these spending programs and policies. 

“People need to understand that there is about half the members that we serve with fundamentally [that] want to change the social and economic fabric of this nation, and that’s why you see this open border,” said Fulcher. “That’s what’s part of the plan to have this energy policy that is this utopian windmills and solar cells and electronic vehicles”. 

After Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s betrayal, conservative representatives realized the need for other strong and loyal conservatives in Congress to really be an obstacle to Democrats’ relentless attempts to push through their agenda.  

“There are certain things that are perennial and that is that the government is too big, it’s involved in our business, it’s bankrupting our country, it’s failing us on an international scale, and if you can’t be for fixing those things, then run in the other party,” said Perry.  

Watch the full discussion on Rumble @CPAC.

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