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J.D. Vance Appeals To The ‘Cast Aside And Forgotten’ In RNC Speech

What many heard was a guy who, despite being a millennial millionaire, shares an all-too-common upbringing in impoverished rural America...

Turning Red in the Tar Heel State: Lt. Governor Mark Robinson - CPAC in DC 2024

Americans from other parts of the country are flooding into North Carolina to take advantage of the state’s business-friendly laws and taxes and to flee the instability, bankruptcy, and high costs of their home states. North Carolina Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson weighed in on this pattern in his remarks at CPAC in DC 2024.  

States like New York and California are bankrupt, unsafe, and crumbling. In contrast, North Carolina has a $5 million surplus and has been named a top business location in the country by leading publications.  

Robinson explains what’s behind the difference, “It’s because conservatives do this little pesky thing that Leftists don’t like. We put principles inside of our policies, and they yield a desired result, and it shows in how our states operate. Yet, still, the news media, they never want to talk about that.” 

Indeed, the mainstream media, such as, ABC News, would rather credit the warmer climate than the conservative policies that have created safe, beautiful, and affordable states for the economic uptick and migration of Americans to red states in the South. At the same time, they ignore the Leftist policies and legacy Democrat leaders that have created the disasters in New York, California, and Illinois.  

“They don’t want to talk the fact California is falling apart and Florida is flourishing. They don’t want to talk about the fact that New York is in shambles and North Carolina’s on firm financial footing,” commented Robinson.  

He set the record straight for the mainstream media in his speech. Watch his full remarks on Rumble @CPAC. 

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