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The 3 Drivers of US Consumers Hit a Wall

The American consumer is giving up. Tapped. Out of cash. So says Bloomberg in a recent article called “Key engines of US consumer are losing steam all at once...”

What You Talkin Bout Fani Willis?: A Discussion with Matt Schlapp and Jim Jordan

Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis remains on the case that accuses Trump and four other individuals of interference in the 2020 election after word of Willis' affair with prosecutor Nathan Wade came to light. Willis remains in control of a corrupt investigation that is just one part of the Left’s all-out lawfare against conservatives.  

Last month at CPAC in DC 2024, Matt Schlapp and Jim Jordan sat down on the CPAC stage to talk the Left’s strategic efforts to weaponize the justice system and federal government to eliminate political opponents.  

“We talk about the weaponization of government just look at President Trump and the escalation that the Left and the government have taken to going after this guy. I mean it started with spying on his campaign. Then it was the Mueller investigation. Then it was impeachment. Then it was a raid on his home. Then it was the Fourteenth Amendment,” said Jordan. “It’s gotten ridiculous.” 

Trump may be the primary target the Left’s lawfare, but he’s really a scapegoat for all conservatives. As evidenced by the January 6 trials, K.T. McFarland’s legal battle, the targeting of Jeffrey Clark, and others, the corruption has not stopped at the Left’s direct attacks on Trump but has tortured and financially drained numerous other individuals (some private citizens) simply for professing a conservative position or supporting President Trump.   

Jordan is leading the conservative charge in the House of Representatives to put an end to the federal government’s terrorizing of its citizens. He broke news on the CPAC stage when he revealed that his and his colleagues’ efforts have helped a whistleblower from Willis’ office sound the alarm on the inappropriate use of federal funds by the District Attorney.  

It goes to show that the corruption runs deep. Jordan and his fellow Republicans in Congress are working to be an obstacle to its growth and hold Willis and other justice officials accountable before the corruption becomes too great to surmount.

Watch the full conversation on Rumble @CPAC.  

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20 мар.

Matt Schlapp and Gym Jordan??

Two perverts.


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