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The 3 Drivers of US Consumers Hit a Wall

The American consumer is giving up. Tapped. Out of cash. So says Bloomberg in a recent article called “Key engines of US consumer are losing steam all at once...”

CPAC Releases Idaho Legislative Scorecard, Revealing a State Trending More Conservative.

ALEXANDRIA, VA (January 3, 2024) - CPAC Foundation's latest analysis reveals that Idaho Republicans voted significantly more conservative in the 2023 session than they did in 2022, increasing their average score by about 10%. This substantial increase can be attributed to the arrival of new legislators with far more conservative voting patterns than their predecessors, especially in the Senate. Incoming Republican State Senators voted with the conservative position more than 20% of the times than those that they replaced.


"During this last session, Idaho's conservatives saw more wins than losses after the passage of a bevy of bills fighting illegal immigration, woke ESG, and the protection of minors from radical gender ideology." said CPAC Chairman, Matt Schlapp. "As Idahoan legislators return for their upcoming session, CPAC will continue to work with the legislature to champion conservative policies."

CPAC recognizes several Idaho state legislators for their conservative voting records. The following members of the Idaho State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Excellence for voting with the conservative position at least 90% of the time during the 2023 session:


Senate:Cindy J. Carlson (100%)

Lori Den Hartog (100%)

Phil Hart (100%)

Scott Herndon (100%)

Brian Lenney (100%)

Tammy Nichols (100%)

Doug Okuniewicz (100%)

Ben Toews (100%)

Chris Trakel (100%)

Glenneda Zuiderveld (100%)

Dan Foreman (96%)



Joe Alfieri (100%)

Kevis Andrus (100%)

Vito Barbieri (100%)

Jaron Crane (100%)

Brent Crane (100%)

Barbara Ehardt (100%)

Jacyn Gallagher (100%)

Dale Hawkins (100%)

Mike Kingsley (100%)

Tina Lambert (100%)

Ron Mendive (100%)

Elaine Price (100%)

Jordan Redman (100%)

Heather Scott (100%)

Josh Tanner (100%)

Tony Wisniewski (100%)

Julianne Young (100%)

Jason Monks (96%)

Judy Boyle (95%)

Joe Palmer (95%)

Bruce Skaug (91%)

John Vander Woude (91%)

Sage Dixon (91%)

Charlie Shepherd (90%)

Additionally, many lawmakers in the Idaho State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Achievement for voting with the conservative position at least 80% of the time during the 2023 session.

The bills featured in CPAC’s 2023 Ratings of Idaho address national security, fighting government overreach, abortion, and election integrity. These issues, coupled with our mission to protect life, liberty, property and uphold the American family, created the basis by which the CPAC Foundation rated the Idaho legislature.

The Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA), an initiative of the CPAC Foundation, is the premier organization for holding lawmakers accountable. The CLA produces the longest-running conservative congressional scorecard and our state program is the only one in the nation that scores nearly 8,000 lawmakers in the 50 states across every policy area.




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