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Exclusive–Wilcox: Foreigners, Not U.S. Citizens, Benefit Most from Biden’s Job Market

As another recent jobs report showed persistent low unemployment, other data demonstrates many of these job gains are being devoured by foreign nationals at the expense of American workers...

CPAC Releases Pennsylvania Legislative Scorecard, Exposing Deep Ideological Rifts in this Classic Swing State.

ALEXANDRIA, VA (March 5, 2024) — CPAC Foundation’s analysis reveals the astounding extent to which Republican and Democrat policy ideologically diverges. While the divide between the chambers is not as pronounced as it is in Virginia, the difference that party rule in a legislature can make is still profoundly evident in the qualitative distinctions between what the Senate and House each passed.


“Pennsylvania remains one of the few divided legislatures in the country with its slim one-seat Democrat majority in the House and narrow GOP control in the Senate,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp. “The bills passed by the House portend the grim ramifications that could be experienced if Republicans did not hold the Senate. In that case, Pennsylvanians would have their Second Amendment freedoms decimated, ballot harvesting normalized, and their taxes raised.”

The following members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Excellence for voting with the conservative position at least 90% of the time during the 2023 session:


Jarrett Coleman (100%)

John DiSanto (92%)

Cris Dush (92%)

Scott Hutchinson (92%)

Doug Mastriano (92%)

Tracy Pennycuick (92%)

Kristin Phillips-Hill (92%)

Greg Rothman (92%)


Stephanie Borowicz (100%)

Joseph D’Orsie (100%)

Wendy Fink (100%)

Barbara Gleim (100%)

Keith Greiner (100%)

Joe Hamm (100%)

Dawn Keefer (100%)

Dallas Kephart (100%)

David Maloney (100%)

Clint Owlett (100%)

Brad Roae (100%)

Leslie Rossi (100%)

David Rowe (100%)

Joanne Stehr (100%)

David Zimmerman (100%)

Jacob Banta (95%)

Jamie Barton (95%)

Aaron Bernstine (95%)

Martin Causer (95%)

Mike Jones (95%)

Rob Kauffman (95%)

Charity Krupa (95%)

Robert Leadbeter (95%)

Stephenie Scialabba (95%)

Brian Smith (95%)

Perry Stambaugh (95%)

Ryan Warner (95%)

Michael Stender (93%)

Mike Armanini (90%)

Marla Brown (90%)

Bud Cook (90%)

Russ Diamond (90%)

Seth Grove (90%)

Rich Irvin (90%)

Tom Jones (90%)

Kate Klunk (90%)

John Lawrence (90%)

Milou Mackenzie (90%)

Brett Miller (90%)

Dan Moul (90%)

Tina Pickett (90%)

Kathy Rapp (90%)

Paul Schemel (90%)

Tim Twardzik (90%)

Parke Wentling (90%)

Additionally, a few lawmakers in the Pennsylvania State Legislature earned CPAC’s Award for Conservative Achievement for voting with the conservative position at least 80% of the time during the 2023 session. Their names are highlighted in gray on the scorecard.

The bills featured in CPAC’s 2023 Ratings of Pennsylvania address Second Amendment rights, illegal immigration, and election security. These issues, coupled with our mission to protect life, liberty, property and upholding the American family, created the basis by which the CPAC Foundation rated the Pennsylvania legislature.

The Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA), an initiative of the CPAC Foundation, is the premier organization for holding lawmakers accountable. The CLA produces the longest-running conservative congressional scorecard and our state program is the only one in the nation that scores all 8,000 lawmakers in the 50 states across every policy area.



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