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Trump Fundraising Pounding Away at Biden's Early Lead

Money is pouring in for former President Donald Trump's campaign, which in conjunction with the Republican National Committee brought in more than $81 million more in donations than President Joe Biden's reelection campaign over the past two months...

CPAC Statement on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

CPAC released a statement on SCOTUS nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Judge Jackson openly supports Critical Race Theory. Read the full statement below:

It was astonishing to hear Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson respond to questions to Senate Republicans today. Are we to believe that the philosophical heir to Justice Scalia has been nominated by Joe Biden? Of course not. Her record—both on the bench and off the bench—speaks for itself. “Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is too radical to serve on the Supreme Court,” said CPAC Chairman, Matt Schlapp. “The conservative movement should be alarmed not only by her record as an activist judge, but by her willingness to advocate for the divisive anti-American concepts like Critical Race Theory.”
Judge Jackson has repeatedly chosen to stretch the law to advocate for the policy position of liberal Democrats. Conservatives know all too well what happens when activist judges operate the courts as if they are another branch of congress.
In one troubling example from 2019, Judge Jackson was overruled by the D.C. Circuit after unconstitutionally attempting to block the Trump administration from enforcing its policies meant to defend the border from illegal immigration.
In 2018 Judge Jackson attempted to use her power as a judge to do the bidding of labor union bosses and yet again unconstitutionally block a Trump administration policy; this policy meant to hold government employees accountable. In this case too, the D.C. Circuit unanimously reversed her ruling.
It is no surprise that Judge Jackson views her role as a judge in an activist lens, despite her contradictory statements today. In speeches as recently as 2020, Judge Jackson praised the work of Professor Derek Bell, the “Godfather” of Critical Race Theory. “Not only has Judge Jackson advocated for Critical Race Theory in the classroom, but she has also praised the flawed 1619 Project, which argues that the United States is a fundamentally racist country,” said Schlapp. “And even more recently, she has acknowledged that she does not even understand Justice Clarence Thomas’s judicial philosophy. So her transformation today is beyond astonishing.”
The Senate needs to ascertain whether Judge Jackson stands by her record of judicial activism and her support of Critical Race Theory. “Racism masked under the guise of Critical Race Theory has no place in the Supreme Court,” said Schlapp. “The Senate must also determine how Judge Jackson has seemingly found value in the judicial philosophy articulated by Justices Thomas and Scalia, despite her record to the contrary. A Supreme Court Justice should be an honest, impartial jurist, not a prevaricating ideologue for socialist Democrat values.”




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