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Convicted Felon Hunter Biden Still Above The Law As Cover For Democrats’ Never-Ending Trump Persecution

Justice hasn’t been served with the menial Hunter Biden convictions. It’s cloud cover for Democrats’ ongoing lawfare against Trump.

CPAC responds to media attacks on CPAC Hungary

Budapest, Hungary — CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp released the following statement after coordinated smears by the Leftist media on CPAC Hungary:

As CPAC’s first conference in Europe is underway, with conservatives assembling from across Europe and around the globe, the Leftist media launched a coordinated smear campaign on conservative leaders on both sides of the Atlantic.
We must be doing something right.
CPAC exists to defend the sovereignty and dignity of every individual. Our mission is to increase freedom and opportunity across the globe, including for those living under socialist and Communist regimes. To hear the condescending whines from socialist boosters in the media like The Guardian, however, you would be led to believe that CPAC stood for something very different. In the woke, warped logic of government-financed NPR, somehow calls for liberty and national sovereignty are akin to racism and authoritarianism.
The truth that globalists will never understand is that freedom does not yield to submission, division does not increase prosperity, and government does not drive innovation.
Speakers at the conference have made clear that Vladimir Putin has unjustly invaded Ukraine, and there is great sympathy for the hardships for the Ukrainian people. As Prime Minister Orbán said in his opening remarks, “Russia is the aggressor, Ukraine is the victim. We condemn the aggressor, we assist the one attacked.”
While the Liberal media and Democrats praise dictatorships in countries like Cuba and Venezuela, and turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in China, CPAC continues to fight authoritarianism — whether it’s Fascism, communism, or the woke elite who dominate global institutions. Today we are bringing together leaders and policy makers from around the world to have a conversation about freedom in George Soros’ backyard.
It is inspiring to be among people who yearn for freedom and autonomy, and who believe that their nation should make decisions concerning their people, and a political leadership who understands that this nation should make its decisions and not Brussels, and not Geneva, and not Paris, and not Berlin, and not Washington, DC.
CPAC happily takes the arrows aimed at us by the globalist, socialist Left whose objective is the submission of humanity to serve their radical agenda.
The spark of our Creator is in every human soul. Dignity and freedom as essential to life as oxygen.
Let the media of yesteryear and the socialists dreaming of power and oppression of the people throw everything they have at us.
We will stand strong and spread the message of freedom across the globe.

Watch Matt Schlapp’s opening remarks on




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