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The 3 Drivers of US Consumers Hit a Wall

The American consumer is giving up. Tapped. Out of cash. So says Bloomberg in a recent article called “Key engines of US consumer are losing steam all at once...”

CPAC Condemns President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas for their Attack on Conservative Groups and the Right to Free Speech

Statement by CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp: 

 We are appalled by the alarming report issued by the Media Research Center that has exposed the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional efforts to deputize Antifa and other radical progressives to censor conservative voices. Using Department of Homeland Security anti-terrorism grants funded with taxpayer money, President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have paid anti-democratic, leftist groups to take down CPAC and other mainstream center-right organizations and their right to free speech.

 The Biden Administration has weaponized the government to silence and intimidate conservative voices along with Americans who disagree with the Left’s radical ideology. We now know they have active corrupt collaborators in President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas. Americans of all political stripes who value freedom and free expression should be gravely concerned. This is yet another reason the House Republican Majority must begin hearings to ascertain the level of treachery from the Biden Regime.

 Biden’s Regime believes CPAC to be radical, but it is the new version of the Democrat party that has become radical. Their chaotic open border policy are putting Americans at risk to drugs, human trafficking, and potential terrorist threats.  Consider whether John F. Kennedy could be a part of such a party.  Pursuing scientific truths about gender is not radical. Ensuring our justice system is fair and effective is not radical. Fighting government overreach and regulatory activism is not radical. Seeking to protect voters’ voices is not radical. What IS radical is using taxpayer money to wage a political war against Americans who believe in faith, family, science, and protecting innocent human life.

They say sunshine is the best disinfectant. My friend Brent Bozell and his team at the Media Research Center has done our nation an important service in shining a light on the treachery of this Administration. CPAC is now calling on House Republicans to completely defund this program and impeach Secretary Mayorkas for trampling on the civil rights of millions of Americans.

As one of the groups directly targeted, CPAC will pursue all possible avenues to fight this new level of extremism and the Biden Administration’s anti-American attacks.

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