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Secret Service Says Trump ‘Is Safe’ After Apparent Gunshot Injury at Rally

The former president grabbed his right ear before Secret Service agents...

Requested Investigation of Activities Intended to Sabotage Administration of Justice

Dear Chairman Jordan and Ranking Member Graham:

Recently, we saw the progressive Left and their co-conspirators in the media attempt to intimidate

Justice Samuel Alito by attacking his wife. Her offense? Merely flying a flag. The transparent effort

was just the latest attempt to sway the outcome of high-profile cases before the Supreme Court using

a coordinated campaign of character assassination and intimidation.

Indeed, we can set our calendars by the timing of these efforts. Each year, as the Court concludes its

term, radical left-wing activists conjure up ridiculous, if not imaginative, ways to attack the Justices

and their families. Their hope is to pressure Republican-appointed jurists in cases of Constitutional

significance or push them to recuse themselves altogether.

A perfect example of this was the recent faux-outrage over Mrs. Alito flying the “Appeal to Heaven”

flag. Somehow, according to the woke mob and its collaborationists in the press, flying a flag designed

and commissioned by George Washington somehow translates into a reason Justice Alito should

recuse himself from cases involving the January 6th protests. This is utter rubbish. It highlights not

only the biased nature of the Fourth Estate as an adjunct of the Democrat Party, it demonstrates a

breathtaking double-standard with respect to the conduct of spouses of Supreme Court Justices.

For example, during Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s tenure on the High Court, her husband was a well-

known tax attorney representing corporate and wealthy individual taxpayers at the high-profile law

firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. Despite her husband having client interests in many of

the cases ultimately decided by the Court, no one ever demanded Justice Ginsburg recuse herself. In

contrast, the Democrat echo chamber at ABC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/NBC/PBS chimed in almost in unison,

claiming that Justice Alito had a conflict of interest because of the activities of his spouse, thus,

requiring recusal in their eyes.

Over the years, Democrat appointees to the Supreme Court have regularly attended salons hosted by

Georgetown doyennes, abortion apologists, and media mavens. They have taken subsidized trips and

spoken at events sponsored by organizations with political leanings. One liberal Justice was found to

have asked government employees to assist in selling copies of the Justice’s book for personal financial

gain. None of these examples triggered wailing from left-wing activists like we hear every spring when

controversial matters before the Court hang in the balance.

The reason is that the Supreme Court Outrage Industry is made up of organizations funded by radical,

woke billionaires using dark money pools to hide not just their identities, but even the existence of the

influence operation itself. They coordinate their attacks with their allies in the media in hope of cowing

Republican-appointed Justices at critical junctures in our Constitutional history. It must end.

Congress has virtually unlimited power to conduct oversight and investigations. We urge you to open a

Congressional investigation into this matter using the full oversight powers provided to the legislature

by our Founders. The goals of such an investigation should be to: (1) to ensure these and similar

organizations are in compliance with the tax and election laws of the United States; (2) review the

effectiveness of current laws to protect and insulate members of the Court from pressure campaigns

as well as physical violence; and (3) bring a measure of transparency to this ugly series of attacks.

Organizations such as Fix the Court, Demand Justice, the Open Society Foundation, the Tides Foundation,

and others should be held to account.

As the Supreme Court itself noted:

“Since we are committed to a government of laws and not of men, it is of the utmost

importance that the administration of justice be absolutely fair and orderly. This Court has

recognized that the unhindered and untrammeled functioning of our courts is part of the

very foundation of our constitutional democracy."

Congress must act to ensure that the Supreme Court remain “unhindered and untrammeled." Thank you for considering this urgent request.


Matt Schlapp


Matthew Whitaker

CPAC Board Member



Pray for President Donald J. Trump






Requested Investigation of Activities Intended to Sabotage Administration of Justice


Matt Schlapp Statement on Trump Verdict

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