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Exclusive — Sources Say Joe Biden’s Gaza Pier Is Endangering Troops’ Lives for a ‘Photo-Op’

The Biden administration has publicly praised American troops who are part of the risky mission to deliver aid to Gaza via a temporary pier, but behind the scenes, sources tell Breitbart News that the troops’ safety is being endangered for a “photo-op...”

Breitbart: Matt Schlapp on SCOTUS

“Ronald Reagan was 50-50 on his picks,” Schlapp said while examining the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent overturning of Roe v. Wade. “George H.W. Bush was 50-50 on his picks. George W. [Bush] was 50-50 on his picks.”



Matt Schlapp Statement on Trump Verdict


Statement from Matt and Mercedes Schlapp


CPAC Foundation Releases 53rd Edition of the Ratings of Congress


CPAC Releases Delaware Legislative Scorecard, Revealing Predictably Extreme Leftism in President Biden’s Home State.


CPAC Releases Vermont Legislative Scorecard, Illuminating the Left’s Plan to Undermine America’s Elections.

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