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Exclusive — Sources Say Joe Biden’s Gaza Pier Is Endangering Troops’ Lives for a ‘Photo-Op’

The Biden administration has publicly praised American troops who are part of the risky mission to deliver aid to Gaza via a temporary pier, but behind the scenes, sources tell Breitbart News that the troops’ safety is being endangered for a “photo-op...”

Mercedes Schlapp’s Fox News op-ed: Republican Latina playbook can help GOP win Hispanic voters in midterm elections

In a new column for, CPAC Foundation Senior Fellow Mercedes Schlapp talks about the influence Republican Latinas have to lead conservative victories in the midterms.

For too long, Republicans have pandered to Hispanics voters with promises of open borders and amnesty.
Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and John McCain advocated for comprehensive immigration reform that would incentivize unending waves of illegal immigration. In 2013, the Republican National Committee doubled down on the identity politics with an autopsy of the 2012 midterm elections that concluded the GOP could win only with a softened stance on immigration, after Republicans half-heartedly embraced stronger borders that election cycle.
Times have changed as Hispanic Republican candidates, especially Latinas, are embracing President Donald Trump’s America First blueprint and executing their own law and order playbook.
Rep. Mayra Flores, the first Mexican-born woman elected to Congress, and the first-ever Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley, campaigned on liberating south Texas from the scourge of illegal immigration, human trafficking and criminal gangs.




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