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Exclusive–Wilcox: Foreigners, Not U.S. Citizens, Benefit Most from Biden’s Job Market

As another recent jobs report showed persistent low unemployment, other data demonstrates many of these job gains are being devoured by foreign nationals at the expense of American workers...

American Conservative Union Rebukes Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Power Grab

Today’s undemocratic power grab by Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats is further evidence of their goal to create a one-party system and bypass the legislative process. The Speaker of the House used procedural tactics to not only limit debate to one hour in total for H.R. 4 (The John Lewis Act) a federal government takeover of our elections, but she also passed a budget resolution that gives Congress the right to spend $3.5T without allowing debate, discussion, or amendments. Democrats have crossed the line. They know their policies of making our election system less secure and spending our future away won’t stand up to scrutiny.

The American Conservative Union rejects the dangerous actions of the Speaker of the House and socialist Democrats who are focused on undermining the legislative process.  We will continue to stand strong to protect voter integrity and sensible taxpayer spending.



Matt Schlapp Statement on Trump Verdict


Statement from Matt and Mercedes Schlapp


CPAC Foundation Releases 53rd Edition of the Ratings of Congress


CPAC Releases Delaware Legislative Scorecard, Revealing Predictably Extreme Leftism in President Biden’s Home State.


CPAC Releases Vermont Legislative Scorecard, Illuminating the Left’s Plan to Undermine America’s Elections.

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