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New op-ed from Matt Schlapp: Election Day sent loud and clear message to America’s far-left progressives

The woke political movement was humiliated on Election Day by American parents, first-responder supporters and patriotic voters who are exhausted from the ubiquitous charge that everyone and everything in America is racist.

Last year our country was pulled apart by the coronavirus, race riots and no-rules voting.  A sad acceptance crept in with the perception that our country had embraced a very radical reimagining of itself.

Socialists had a slim grasp on power after the strangest of elections and they took full advantage of it by jamming every piece of their agenda possible into an emergency spending measure and executive actions with little response from timid Republican judges.

However, one thing remained constant: this radicalized Democratic party failed to convince voters that their ideas were beneficial to them and their families. American voters sent a message on Election Day, even from blue Virginia, that a Democratic party enamored by socialism is too strident and offensive for common sense Americans.

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