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The 3 Drivers of US Consumers Hit a Wall

The American consumer is giving up. Tapped. Out of cash. So says Bloomberg in a recent article called “Key engines of US consumer are losing steam all at once...”

Tennessee Remains a Top Conservative State in CPAC and ACUF Ratings

The American Conservative Union Foundation conducts an annual, in-depth analysis to rate all 8,000 lawmakers in America, revealing their positions on a wide variety of issues directly affecting our communities and families.

Check out the press release below with more details and please take action!

It only takes three minutes to let your legislators know that their score from the American Conservative Union Foundation is important to you, and you expect them to support more conservative policies.

Tennessee Remains a Top Conservative State
CPAC & ACUF Award 45 Lawmakers for Conservative Voting


ALEXANDRIA, VA (December 7, 2021)— Tennessee continues to rank among the most conservative legislatures in the country, according to voting record analysis from CPAC.

“As sleepy Joe Biden and the Democrat’s in congress continue pursuing out-of-control spending, Tennessee’s legislature balanced their budget and passed conservative reforms,” said CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp“From protecting the Second Amendment to banning Critical Race Theory in schools, it is no surprise that Tennessee, led by a great governor in Bill Lee, once again scores among the most conservative state’s in the country.”

Click Here to view the 2021 Ratings of Tennessee

In total, 85 members of the Tennessee legislature will be eligible to receive awards at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) taking place in Orlando, Florida from February 24-27, 2022 for voting with the conservative position on legislation more than 80% of the time.

Members receiving the Award for Conservative Excellence for voting with the conservative position at least 90% include:

Click Here to view the PDF version of the ratings

Among the 84 roll call votes scored by the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) are the bill banning the government from instituting “vaccine passports” (SB 858), legislation reforming anticompetitive “certificate of need” laws in the health care industry (HB 948), the bill which makes Tennessee a “Gun Rights Sanctuary State” (SB 1335), the bill protecting girl’s sports (SB 228), the bill reforming the unemployment system (HB 1039), and legislation aimed at preventing “critical race theory” in schools (SB 623).

ACUF’s Ratings of Congress and Ratings of the States are initiatives of American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF)’s Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA). These ratings are designed to reflect how over 8,000 elected officials across the nation view the role of government while illustrating the differences between chambers of the legislature and revealing lawmakers’ positions across 186 policy areas that directly affect citizens.


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Our staff spends thousands of hours analyzing more than 105,000 pieces of legislation voted on by Congress and every state legislature in the country. Your support is critical to be able to provide this level of insight and transparency. Will you please make a tax-deductible donation today to support transparency and ratings of Tennessee legislators?



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