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The Changed Meaning of Competence

In the aftermath of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump, there have been many questions concerning the competence of those assigned to prevent such an event. The key issue is whether and to what extent those charged with protecting his security displayed genuine competence at their jobs...

CPAC Joins Forces with Vox for Europa Viva 24 in Spain

CPAC joined forces with Vox in Madrid, Spain for Europa Viva 24 in Madrid. Matt and Mercedes Schlapp represented CPAC at the event that also featured remarks from friends of CPAC, Santiago Abascal, President of Vox, and Eduardo Verastegui and world leaders, Javier Milei, Giorgia Meloni, and Viktor Orbán.  

Israel and the European Union were hot topics at the conference. The speakers and attendees vocalized strong support for Israel in contrast to the Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez’s recent remarks planning to recognize a Palestinian state and President Biden’s comments calling for a ceasefire and a two-state solution in his commencement speech at Morehouse College.  

Matt Schlapp commented on the issue in his remarks at Europa Viva 24, “It’s shameful that in the United States of America, this wonderful country, it is shameful that the Democratic party and the Left have embraced Hamas over Israel. It's shameful.” 

European conservatives enthusiastically showed out for the event with attendance totaling nearly 11,000. The 2024 European Union parliament elections are coming up in June, and Europa Viva 24 was a rallying point for European conservatives to seize the opportunity to fight back against the globalism and bureaucracy in Brussels.   

See more inside coverage from Europa Viva 24 on social media @CPAC, @mercedesschlapp, and @mschlapp.  


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